I went to Thailand!


Yeah, my boyfriend and I went to Thailand! People’s reaction to this statement is always so intriguing to me. On the one hand, some will just look at me and fter a half second of silence, they will reply “thats nice” but making it sound more like a question. Why do people get so confused? I mean, yes, it is halfway across the world, but it’s just Thailand. No, we had no idea how it was going to be. We had never been there and we didn’t speak a word in Thai. All we knew was that it was a cheap place to visit and that we loved the food.

So we set out on the adventure. The adventure of researching the place, of course. We read blog after blog and by “we” I mean my boyfriend. 🙂 I mostly Googled to see the pictures and that was good enough for me; turquoise waters, longtail boats, beautiful beaches, and night markets. My boyfriend did manage to get me to watch some YouTube videos of other couples visiting and the advise they had for other travelers. The videos were really helpful to me since I am a very visual person. They captured my attention and were very informative.

I have to admit, I was a little worried. Like I said, we had no idea what it would be like. It was a big unknown but we were excited. Being the organized OCD person that I am, I wanted to make sure everything was planned out. Of course, my boyfriend was the complete opposite. He had been on a backpacking Euro trip with a friend and wanted to just go and “wing it”in the same fashion. It was decided that we would plan the first couple of nights and buy the tickets for the cities we wanted to visit and take care of the rest as we went along.

So the flight was booked and now it was official. We were beyong excited. The next step was to make sure we had the required documentation, if any were necessary. After reading some more blogs and looking at some official travel websites, we learned that no Visa was required since we planned on being there for less than 30 days. All we needed were our valid Passports and the flight to get us there and back. The next step was to figure out what we wanted to see and do while there.

I bought a book on Thailand and started reading about Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. The booked talked about several other areas, but these three seemed to hit me as the most interesting. After more Youtube videos and blogs we were happy with this selection and set out to purchase the flights  for our in-country travel. Making the ticket purchases seemed to take us forever. But looking back, it seemed like a simple enough process. There was Nor Airlines and Air Asia. We chose Air Asia. The flights were very economical so there was not much debating or research required.

We were ready to go! Not much packing was required since were only wanted to take a backpack each. Also, knowing we were traveling to a tropical warm climate, we didn’t need to take anything heavy or bulky. So with our backpacks on and our passport securely in hand we set out on the adventure of our life!